For the rest of you…

Dabbling with food is so in my DNA. I’ve never known life without great food at the table. And that’s because I hail from a family and community where everybody is a good cook or baker or both and all of them taking pride in their craft. When I was growing up (though it’s no different today) throwing a birthday party at home meant two things:
1. Inviting more guests than we could handle
2. Getting involved with the cooking and baking process in the most natural and spontaneous way. After working tirelessly in the kitchen, it was actually rewarding to welcome our guests to a table brimming with birthday treats made with love.

So for me to have chosen this path to become a out of home chef (I would rather call myself a cook-baker) only seems natural.

Today, our tastes are evolving rapidly. We want to explore and understand flavours of the world, we go on culinary holidays, we learn the art of cooking from some of the best chefs around, we dine out more often than before. Our palates – with all of these experiences – have gone ahead of our times and it’s a great feeling. However, when someone cooks us a home meal, it kind of evokes a feeling that’s almost humbling.

That’s because the food has their personal touch, we know the ingredients used are fresh, the recipes are probably heirlooms and most importantly the food was made for us and us alone. It is a special feeling. And through my home styled cooking I too hope I can evoke the same special feeling in my customers.

Even though we are spoilt with choice when it comes to food, we have become more conscious about how much and what we eat. We prefer healthier options, smaller portions and to indulge in moderation. It’s all about balance! It is from this knowledge that I started shrinking food from large casseroles or trays to bite-sized portions. So if you are at a party where my food is served, you can eat a full portion of anything be it an apple pie or a pizza and not guilty and probably go for the second or third helping.

My focus is cooking and baking for children-of all age-because its realistic, creative and fun. It’s always nice to see happy, well-fed children. For me it’s a delight to make a healthy version of a mac& cheese or a burger Pattie or samosa or cookies filled with nutrition. It’s also fun to make treats that are more indulgent but are homemade like the ever so popular rainbow jelly, marshmallows or trick sticks.

At the moment, this is where my culinary journey is at. While all our palates cross borders and expectations, I will continue to explore how best I can shrink food and make it worth its bite for all children big and small.